Friday, October 03, 2008

Betcha thought the Yakuza got me ...

Sorry, I'm a little obsessed with that story. It's so ... William Gibson. Black market organ donation, Asian mafioso ... he was writing all about it back in 1984 in Neuromancer.


I'm sorry I haven't written in four months (June, July, Aug, Sept - yup, four.) I went through a bit of a rough patch, got put back together in the brand, spankin' new Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, had a week's vacation, and then -- poof! -- I'm a second year medical student up to my eyeballs in microbiology.

I started getting more migraines. And more. And more. Being in the dark, horizontal and quiet, was preferable to being on my bike, or eating ice cream or ... anything, really. I was really scared. I was really not fun to be around.

I started a blog called La Migraineuse to try make it all make sense. I discovered a whole online migraine community, but I don't really know where I fit in it, or where I want to fit in it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the blog.

Eventually, I ended up in what neurologists call "status migrainosus," which is basically one migraine, all the time. I got admitted to the hospital, and they gave me a three-day infusion of anti-seziure medication.

Everyone had a different name for the treatment -- brain flush, brain rinse, Jiffy Lube for the brain. And it worked. My neurons calmed right down and I spent my days chatting with my dad (who spent the visit on the comfy pull-out couch) and ordering food from "Catering Services."

So ... to catch up:

We moved. We love the Bicycle District. Coffee, ice cream at Scoops, the Bicycle Kitchen, vegan food at Pure Luck and the knowledgeable and attractive staff at Orange 2o Bikes. 1:15 to school if you cheat and take to bus, 1:30 if you go for a morning ride.

We went to Burning Man. No one died. Yay. Dusty pictures of us looking dusty to come.

I survived microbiology ... Return of GI, Endocrine, and Reproductive Medicine. Bwa ha ha.
Things that seem like a good idea after a day of rest after finals:

A Dark Century. 100 miles. At night. Two weeks to train? No problem (?)

Learning how to brew beer. Apparently it's the new knitting.