Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ho Ho Holosystolic Murmur!

Studying for finals. I think that's funny. I'm sorry if you don't.

This vole is very, very busy. This vole is not doing her share of dishes. Partner vole deserves medal for living through this. Partner vole will get vole treats.

I took time out from the heart, lungs and kidneys to make our apartment look a little more festive:

I think that's a Serotta under there, but John would be the expert. I'm still searching for some of those classic glass balls to complete the look. And the whole thing comes off the stand, should someone actually want to do some wrenching.

B-b-brrrr. For SoCal, it is cold. I have started commuting by bike and bus, and I spend a lot of time outdoors these days. I'm enjoying it so far, but I have underestimated the chill a few nights in a row now. John is furiously buying winter gear at REI -- it's so cute -- and I am digging out what I have left from my days of mountaineering. Hats. Gloves. Long stretchy things made of synthetic fibers. Pics of me ridiculously bundled up to come.

The upside of riding to work/school is that you get to eat whatever you want! I recently treated John to an all-you-can-eat breakfast at the artery-hardening Cafe Med at UCLA. Below is the damage, or what remained after about 60 seconds:

Hot wings were the absolute best, followed by the hashed browns. Bacon also excellent, coffee needs improvement, but cut the grease and woke me up for class. In general, commuting rocks -- the food is great, you arrive at school with your brain working and not wanting to kill anyone.

Can't WAIT for break. Sleep. Convert bike to fixed gear. Buy band-aids for shins and knees. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

I'd end with some fascinating physiology tidbit, but I'm just too tired.

When the dust settles, compromising photographs from SantaCon.