Friday, November 03, 2006

What the ...?

Everything is so much more complicated that I exoected. It's like medical school -- we're learning how ro manage myocardial infarction, but the real work is outside of school. The stupid things you say over a beer stick with you all night. Blacking out is often so welcome. But I try to remain moderately disinhibited ... able to converse about real life things, but not sinking into existential wallowing. Dodgeball helps, although I'm not always sure I'm in the right mindset to be throwing thing at other human beings. No throwing up. Do laundry. Maintain minimal progression on the laundry front. Read, even if it's with accompanied by a 40. Draw pictures ... come visit my transcendental dry erase board. We will get through this, but by bonding together instead of my instict to hole up in my apartment alone. I will put the legs on my couch this weekend and everything will become so much better. All my best for the weekend. Find some sun, get some, may you be blessed with the universal cardiology "Ah-Ha." Namaste. No really, I mean it.