Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hello world ...

Hello there. I'm Prana.

"Prana" means "breath" in Sanskrit. I learned this in yoga. Yoga helps me to remember to breathe, even when the world is distracting you with a thousand very important things and thoughts. Just breathe.

I love yoga, Buddhism, reading, the general outdoors (no guns), dancing and eating. I'm applying to medical school, but I'm not a pre-med. Not in the traditional sense. I'm old. I used to be a journalist for Mother Jones. Now I'm addicted to a website called Student Doctor Network and I obsessively check my e-mail and mail for word -- anything -- from medical schools. I've been accepted to the University of Pittsburgh, so I'm significantly less cranky than I was in, say, November.

If you stick with me, you'll find out where I'm going to move to (Boston? Pittsburgh? New Orleans?) and where I'm going to medical school. You'll get to dissect a cadaver with me, and learn a new public transportation system. You'll also see if and how my long-distance relationship works out. You'll find out if I lose that pesky 30 pounds that I gained studying for the MCAT.

I'm going to Mexico next week, and I've calculated (based on 12 hours of daylight) that I have 54 hours of potential surfing time. Oh, yeah. I also surf. But only where it's warm. Only fish tacos and cervezas stand in my way.

Welcome. It's always interesting here. Just don't forget to breathe.